More Languages in Education

The foundation Taal naar Keuze (Choose your Language) helps schools to offer a wide range of languages in the regular curriculum. The Dutch Education Act allows for Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Frisian, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Turkish, in addition to the compulsory languages, Dutch and English. In order to give students the opportunity to choose from these – and possibly more – languages, the foundation promotes collaboration between schools as well as flexible deployment of teachers. Depending on the wishes of the school, students from different grades and/or schools will be part of the same (online) classroom. 

Every language matters

Knowledge of languages – both native and foreign languages – is essential for social cohesion and integration as well as internationalization. Through language we get to know ourselves and other people, through language a world of social, cultural and economic possibilities open up. Every language matters, also in education! 

The European Commission advocates that by 2025 all European citizens should have a good command of two other languages in addition to their mother tongue. Many students in Europe already speak one or more languages at home in addition to their national language. All home languages – including dialects – deserve recognition and support within formal education. If the home languages are indeed included in education, many students can rightly be considered and recognized as multilingual European citizens.

Our Approach

Choose your Language offers programs for secondary education, but also for primary schools. As a school, you have your own teachers of e.g. French and German, but most probably not teachers of Turkish, Italian or another language. These teachers will be provided by the foundation. As a starting point, the foundation may carry out an inventory of the languages spoken in the school, allowing the school to develop a tailored language policy. For now, the foundation offers three programs:

Final Examination for upper-secondary students with a high proficiency in the language;

Starters Year for lower-secondary students;

All Languages program for lower-secondary students and newcomer classes. Watch the promotional video.

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